Plasmid drawing software please?

Leonard N. Bloksberg bloksber at
Tue Oct 26 12:21:00 EST 1993

Recently I posted a request for info on computer plasmid drawing options.
.	I have since received some replies stating that the message was
seriously truncated.  Briefly, I want something that can:
.	1.	Take either sequence (ASCII) or feature input.
.	2.	produce publication quality output.
.	3.	Perform virtual cloning operations.
.	4.	Preferably IBM, but I also have a MAC.
.	5.	Preferably under $200-.
.	6.	Allow user defined features and manipulation of output.
Also, I have seen the program CLONE for the IBM, and wonder how to contact
the manufacturer to ask about purchasing a current version.
I also have the program MacVector for the MAC, but I can't figure out how
to make it do virtual cloning.  Am I missing something?
The program Gene Construction Kit for the MAC has been recomended.  It is
available from Textco Inc at 603-643-1471 (New Hampshire).  Does anyone
know of an 800 number for these guys? My office phone is locked for long
distance calls and I hate to bug my boss to go "shopping".
.	Thanks to all
.			Leonard N. Bloksberg
.			Michigan State University
.			Bloksber at

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