references on bio DB integration

Chris Overton coverton at
Tue Oct 26 12:40:42 EST 1993

I'm looking for references to work describing the integration of multiple
biological databases (well >= 2 at least).  I'm interested in examples where a
federated schema was developed that supports multi-database queries.  I'm
especially interested in examples of distributed database systems with a
federated schema.  However, I'll take any and all references to systems that
support multi-database queries.  Examples of types of systems:

1 -- Uniform interface to multiple databases.

2 -- Monolithic database containing multiple, independent, unintegrated

3 -- Monolithic database containing multiple, integrated schemas (federated).

4 -- Distributed database system without federated schema.

5 -- Distributed database system with federated schema.


Thanks for your help.

Chris Overton

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