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> I'm looking for references to work describing the integration of multiple
> biological databases (well >= 2 at least).  I'm interested in examples where a
> federated schema was developed that supports multi-database queries.  I'm
> especially interested in examples of distributed database systems with a
> federated schema.  However, I'll take any and all references to systems that
> support multi-database queries.  Examples of types of systems:
> 1 -- Uniform interface to multiple databases.

Have a look at SRS (Sequence Retrieval System) from Thure Etzold at EMBL.
    Etzold,T.; Argos,P. (1993): SRS - an indexing and retrieval tool for
    flat file data libraries. CABIOS 9(1), 49-57.
    Etzold,T.; Argos,P. (1993): Transforming a set of biological flat file
    libraries to a fast access network. CABIOS 9(1), 59-64.

The software itself may be obtained from the EMBL fileserver or via anonymous
FTP from . There is a VMS and a UNIX version.

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