FORTRAN algorithms

Ralph Edward James B zoorejb at
Tue Oct 26 21:41:28 EST 1993

Hi Michael,

delay at wrote:
: I am currently looking for algorthims in FORTRAN for the treatment of data
: particularly Marquardt. Also, any information on algorithms pertaining
: to fisheries and population dynamics would be greatly appreciated. E-mail 
: any response to me. Thanks in advance.

You might try to be a little more precise.  When you speak of Marquardt, 
are you thinking of Marquardt's method for doing nonlinear regression?  
If so, take a look at the matrix algebra.  If you understand that, the 
algorithm is trivially simple and should take no more than a few days to 
implement, with an additional week or two to debug and test.  It is 
only a couple hundred lines of code, or so.  If you're  not thinking 
about nonlinear regression, I don't know what you're looking for.  If you 
are, and don't know where to start, send me some email and I'll point you 
to a reference and give an outline of the algorithm.  I can't send code, 
since I work now in C and C++ and you want FORTRAN, but anything that can 
be  implemented in one of the structured languages can be implemented in 
any  of the others (with a little creativity and occassionally a little 
pain ;-), and this is especially true of anything to do with routine 
matrix algebra.

As for fisheries and population dynamics, what are you looking to do.  
This is one aspect of my specialty, but you must be more specific about what 
you are looking for before I can help.  There are a number of packages 
floating around for studying various aspects of population dynamics and 
fisheries management, one of which is available in gopherspace (look for 
BSIM - I have forgotten the path, but if you use a keyword search you 
should have no problem finding it).


R.E. Byers,
Department of Zoology,
National University of Singapore
zoorejb at

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