Best Nucleotide Sequence Editor for Mac?

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Wed Oct 27 15:52:19 EST 1993

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> >I'm looking for Macintosh-based software to help us edit ABI-format
> >sequence files.  I would like something like the unix-based TED, which
> >prints the ABI-called sequence beneath the DNA migration absorption
> >curves and allows you to make adjustments.
> The "EDITSEQ" sequence editor software for the Mac from DNAStar (which is
> also part of their Lasergene package) will do this.
> Their phone number is (608)258-7420

   So will Sequencher, from Gene Codes (and is very expensive if all you're
looking for is an editor), but is a complete, powerful, and very easy to
use fragment assembly program.  Their phone number is: 313 769 7249; ~$1200
w/ hardware lock, site/multiple copy discounts. 
   IMHO, Sequencher is the much better of the two for editing and fragment
assembly, but it is not a 'full-featured' Sequence analysis pkg ie no
protein analysis, not a lot of DNA analysis, which Lasergene does offer.

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