Problems with UK Email via Daresbury

Alan Bleasby ajb at
Thu Oct 28 14:27:48 EST 1993


The person to contact is me (wrt address reversal from Daresbury.) The thing
is we already know about it ... it is a feature of a major move of the
email service from an old GEC system to a Sun 10. A message was posted to
this group not long ago explaining this and asking you all to bear with us
in the transition.

We have been using a softly-softly approach as we deemed transferring all
the groups to the new m/c without bounces was more important than the
minor irritation of the reversed headers. The latter will be fixed shortly
when Dave Hines writes a code patch to the NEWS<->email gateway. Again I
ask you to bear with us.


Alan Bleasby
SERC Daresbury Laboratory
Warrington WA4 4AD

SEQNET is a UK EMBnet node

PS: I expect when the addresses are re-reversed we'll start getting
    `complaints' from the Brits. Now I know why Rob resigned :-(

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