Mac-to-PC Integration

Dag Stenberg stenberg at kruuna.Helsinki.FI
Fri Oct 29 20:00:06 EST 1993

Vernon Keenan (vern at BioData.COM) wrote:
> Here's a question for the net that deviates from the usual Mac-vs-PC
> nonsense. We need to make these computers work together, not against each
> other. What is the best way to connect Macs to PCs?

We have a local Novell Netware server, which is being updated to ver.4,
which supports Macs, hance the Macs will be able to access whatever is
on the server disks. At present, we only utilize the fact that both PCs
and Macs are on the ethernet - they cannot normally share files, but
both can access public server discs on local networks. Also, we
encourage people to do what they can on either machine, then transfer
files on floppy disk using Mac file exchangers - for instance, running a
network database on a Mac, then export the retrieval to a PC disk for
entry into an existing database, or running an image analysis program on
Mac, then exporting data to a PC postprocessing program. Electonic mail,
of course, can be used on each. We do not beliave in choosing
applications according to the available platform - but the reverse.

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