OSP ported to Linux (X + text versions)

Harry Mangalam mangalam at UCI.EDU
Sun Oct 31 14:08:51 EST 1993

   OSP is a primer analysis program, written by LaDeana Hiller and Phil
Green of Washington University, St. Louis, which exists in both a text
version (for a variety of architectures) and an X-Window version for the
Sparc and now for Linux.  

   Linux is a free, (mostly) POSIX compliant unix clone for Intel {3,4,5}86
processors, which allows essentially all the tools of unix, including
Xwindows (client and server), to be run on a very cheap hardware platform. 
It allows flat memory addressing, full multitasking, coprocessor support,
TCP/IP networking (including FTP, telnet, and NFS), multi-boot options,
mounting of DOS and other filesystems, and all of the GNU tools and
compilers as well as most other tools supported on 'real' (expensive)
unices (gopher, wais, xmosaic, etc). Performance of Linux/X11 running on
486DX2/66 cpus with S3-based accelerator cards (eg: Orchid Farenheit 1280)
has been reported to be about equal to Sparcstations 2s with GX graphics. 

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