Neural Network programs for sequence analysis?

Roy Omond omond at
Wed Sep 1 10:23:31 EST 1993

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(A. Parsons) writes:
> I know of two neural net applications ;-
> Dmitrij Frishmann & Patrick Argos (1992)
> "Recognition of distantly related protein sequences using conserved Motifs
> and Neural Nets"
> Frishmann at the time was at EMBL and a netfind shows him to be reachable as :

Sorry to be so nit-picking ... Frishman (not Frishmann) is the spelling.
I.e. there's no discrepancy between his family name and his e-mail address
as there might be with some nastier mail systems !

> frishman at

Correct.  He's still here;  I saw him wander up for coffee 2 minutes ago :-)

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