Commercial Mac Modelling Software

Jonathan Brecher brecher at
Wed Apr 13 19:47:19 EST 1994

Nigel Eastmond <nce at> wrote:
>Craig Marshall (craigm at wrote:
>: I would appreciate comments from anybody who knows anything about
>: software suitable for displaying protein (and nucleic acid) structures
>: on a Mac. I know there has been quite a lot of discussion on and off
>: about this and so I know about Kinemage, MacModel and Ball-and-Stick,
>: and so forth, but we are particularly interested in commercial software
>Try Tripos Associates Alchemy.  Comes with nucleic acid and amino acid
>fragments to paste together.

CS Chem3D and CS Chem3D Plus are available from:
Cambridge Scientific Computing, Inc., 
875 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA  02139
tel: 617 491 2200
fax: 617 491 8208
email: info at

Demonstration diskettes are available.  

Macintosh version available now, Windows version should be available this 

					Jonathan Brecher
					International Marketing Manager
					Cambridge Scientific Computing, Inc.
					jsb at

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