Beginner's question: What is MedLine/EndNote?

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Fri Apr 15 09:42:38 EST 1994

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>The subject says it all. Any help welcome.

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MedLine is many things. Primarily, it is a database of
medically/biologically oriented journal articles maintained by the
Nat. Library of Med. There is also a standard format for the
information in these articles that is commonly refered to as

Endnote is a reference database managing program. It will import
citations from databases using the "refer" or the "pro-cite" form, but
it cannot import information directly from the medline format. I like
Endnote and find it more to my liking than Ref-Man, especially on the
Mac, principly because you can "unformat" your paper and "reformat" it
in place.

Endlink is a separate program sold by the people who make Endnote to
translate medline refernces into endnote format. Endnotetranslator is
a freeware program that translates medline into refer format for easy
importing into Endnote (I think it uses refer as the intermediate...).

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