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> Hi!  
> Does anyone out there use a Molecular Dynamics Phosphorimager or a
> Fluorimager 575?  Do you use it on a Macintosh based system?  If so,
> is the software that comes with it actually NIH-Image?

I saw the program, and it is definitely NIH-Image, but the version I saw
was much older than the NIH Image available publicly. The program is
supposed to be modified so that it more easily accepts MD TIFF files.
Withou it you must read the TIFF header size,length & width in the scan
info window in ImageQuant, and import into Image after having reentered the
info there. 

It would have been much nicer if they had designed a Photoshop-compatible
plug-in to do this, which could be used in the newest version of Image...

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