Networking Help Request - MD Phospherimager

Reinhard Doelz doelz at
Wed Apr 27 01:20:39 EST 1994

In article <3388.2dbba83d at>, harrison at writes:

|> 	the net.  I have a NE200 Ethernet Adaptor, LocalTalk and 
|> 	the necessary HW and IP address.  If anyone has had sucess
|> 	doing this, could you please tell me what packet driver,
|> 	comm SW you used?  The protocol would be appreciated too.

I thought the MD boxes come as DOS machines these days, ours had also 
the option to run Timbuktu for LocalTalk integration. If you have an 
IP address on the DOS side, then connection is straightforward. 
Try the Packet derivers from the Internet Connection Kit for DOS. 
ftp, in the pub/kit directory. 


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