Here's the WWW URL for BLAST DNA sequence searching -error

Lawrence B. Afrin, M.D. afrinl at
Thu Aug 11 18:41:25 EST 1994

In article <1994Aug11.101028.3485 at>, Bo Servenius <Bo.Servenius at> says:
>In article <32bd8f$3j0 at> Larry Afrin, afrinl at
>>The direct URL for BLAST DNA sequence searching is:
>Here is the responce I got
>500 server error
>Does anyone know what that means?

Either the BLAST server was having a problem when you submitted your
query, or you haven't upgraded your NCSA Mosaic to 2.0 alpha 6 yet
(presuming you're in the Win3.1 environment).  I just reconfirmed
the URL a second ago, and it works fine for me.

-- Larry Afrin
   Hollings Cancer Center
   Medical University of S.C.
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