Mac or PC: the results of the poll

Jason L. Buberel jbuberel at
Thu Dec 1 14:19:22 EST 1994

In article <3bk6od$9lp at>, tjrc1 at (Tim
Cutts) wrote:

> krasel at (Cornelius Krasel) writes:
> >Patrice DEHAIS (dehais at wrote:
> >> + PowerMac running AUX are as powerful as little UNIX workstations for  
> >> the same price (and we can run Mac software under UNIX session).
> >Is AUX for PowerMacs already available? (And what about the general quality
> >of AUX compared to other UNIX dialects?)
> I seem to remember reading that Apple were not going to port AUX to
> the PowerMac.  I believe they were leaving the Unix side to IBM's AIX,
> which is apparently a far more capable (and definitely more widely
> supported) operating system.  I stress that I haven't ever had the
> opportunity to use either...
> Tim.

I do believe that at the conference held by Apple-IBM-Motorola a few weeks
ago to announce their Hardware Reference Platform they said it would run
the following OS's:  Mac OS (obviously), Windows NT (this I've already
seen running), AIX, and Solaris.


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