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Thu Dec 15 09:22:46 EST 1994

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> I'm looking for some software that runs on VMS or Unix (VMS prefered) which 
> will allow me to scan a protein database of 95000 sequences with user-defined
> regular expressions (PROSITE-like consensus sequences). Any programs will be
> considered since I need to do this reasonably soon.
> Thanks,
> Mike.
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Just to note that we seem to have satisfied Mike's request with Scrutineer
(written by Peter Sibbald with Hubert Sommerfeldt and Patrick Argos, at the
EMBL).  And just to note also that Peter Sibbald is no longer at the EMBL
but is busy woodworking away in Ontario, Canada, building canoes and other
fine things out of wood !

Oh, yes, Scrutineer is available by anonymous ftp from
and also by e-mail from netserv at

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