PHYLIP and PAUP programs

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Tue Dec 20 19:01:33 EST 1994

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>>Dear Netters:
>>	Can somebody help me in obtaining the following software
>>1) Phylogeny Inference Package (PHYLIP) version 3.4 and

>2. PHYLIP 3.5c is free and can be ftp'ed from
>   go to directory /pub/phylip and get the file Read.Me first
>   There are versions of PHYLIP for DOS, UNIX and Mac.

A few corrections:
   the ftp address for PHYLIP is actually
   though that address may work too.  Directories are as stated.
   There is a generic ANSI C source version (and a somewhat more dated
    Pascal source version), which can be compiled on lots of machines
    including Unix systems, VMS, etc.
   There are executables posted for pre-386 DOS, 386/486/Pentium DOS,
    386/486/Pentium Windows, 680x0 Macintoshes, and PowerMac.

   PAUP will soon be distributed by Sinauer Associates, of Sunderland,
   Massachusetts, in versions that will do distance matrix methods as
   well as parsimony.  Last I heard it was unavailable but that was
   expected to end soon with release of the new version.

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