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Mon Dec 26 18:31:49 EST 1994

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> Hi to everybody,
> I'm a PhD student in microbial ecology from the Netherlands. One of my jobs
> is to identify flagellates with the use of flow cytometry. I want to use a
> neural network to analyse my data. Up till now I've been using BrainMaker to 
> do the job. But I want to buy a Windows Neural Network program. Can somebody 
> give me some names of programs or comapanies who sell it?

   (I've cross-posted this from to; 
someone there may be able to give you more specific advice.)

   BrainMaker *does* run under MicroSoft Windows; so do many other
Neural Network programs.  There is a list of them in the FAQ file.  I have e-mailed you the relevant
portion.  Others can obtain it by anonymous ftp:

	(your e-mail address)
	cd /pub/usenet/

or on the World Wide Web:


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