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>Try writing the author. He has developed a beautiful piece of software and
>distributes it at truly MODEST cost. Don't have his address handy, but you
>could look it up. He is at the Natural History Survey in Champaign, IL
>brett at
>ps try snail mail: DLS, IL NATL HIS SUR
>                   607 peabody dr
>                   champaign, il 61820

Swofford is now at the Smithsonian Institute.

PAUP Support Staff (i.e., Dave Swofford)     Internet: paup at
 Laboratory of Molecular Systematics               FAX: (301)238-3059
 MRC 534, MSC
 Smithsonian Institution
 Washington, D.C. 20560 USA
  It is a really great program, and the manual is a great resource for
learning about molecular systematics methods.  You might also want to get a
copy of MacClade.  The two together are really powerful.
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Department of Zoology, University of Alberta
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