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>>Dear netters,
>>We are looking for a good program running on PC (preferably Windows-based)
>>that draws chemical structures. If not pd or shareware, please tell us
>>the name of the distributor and approximated price for academic users.
>>Thank you, I will post a summary. Please, answer to the address below.
>A good one (well the best I've seen) is called Chemwindow
>Company that produces it is:
>       SoftShell International Ltd
>       715 Horizon Drive
>       Suite 390                                   
>       Grand Junction                          
>       CO   81506
>       TEL: 303-242-7502   FAX: 303-242-6469
>Sorry don't know the cost - but I don't think that it was
>too expensive
I think there is a demo available at cica in the /demo dir.

Olaf Winkelhake

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