Problems compiling Fasta and Blast under Linux

Sebastian W. Bunka seb at
Fri Jul 8 02:59:45 EST 1994

Les Grivell (les at wrote:
: Has anyone successfully compiled Fasta and or Blast under Linux?
Sorry, I've no answer for you!
But propably you might check the dna workbench for your
blasta and fasta searches (and Genbank searches) over the net ( no
local databases required). 
It works fine on my linux box.
However, I had to do some hand-work/fine tuning. If you're
interested, I can send you my installation; just email me.

You can find this Perl program at:
 ftp  @ /pub/dnaworkbench/unix/dnaworkbench (260kb)

Cheers, Sebastian

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