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Peter Gegenheimer peterg at
Wed Jul 20 13:52:08 EST 1994

In a previous post, I said the protein crystal structure display module (PDB viewer) of
Antheprot did not work in an OS/2 DOS session. Another user also had this problem. I have now 
gotten it to work, and I THINK I know how. First, run Antheprot as a full-screen DOS session. 
Second, create a program object for Antheprot, open up the Settings menu, go to the Settings 
menu, and make sure VIDEO_SWITCH_NOTIFICATION is OFF. I didn't see that other settings, varied 
individually, had much effect. I could run with the following ON: VIDEO_ROM_EMULATION, 
setting seemed not to matter. The PDB viewer BY ITSELF does not require DPMI, EMS, or XMS 
memory. One should normally have ca. 2 Mb of EMS and 1 Mb XMS memory anyway. 

If you still have problems, send me e-mail. Dr. Deleage doesn't have an OS/2 machine 
readily available.

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