Fractal DNA Imager 1.0 released

JasonUMICH jasonumich at
Wed Jul 20 19:14:05 EST 1994

I would like to announce the release of Fractal DNA Imager 1.0.  This is a
Windows utility that translates letter-based DNA sequences (i.e. ATGC)
into sequence-specific 2-dimensional fractal images.  This program
facilitates the detection and characterization of nucleotide patterns in
DNA sequences.  Fractal DNA Imager is user-friendly, supports color
imaging and color printing, and includes on-line help and documentation. 
It is available as shareware and can be obtained via ftp from in the /pub/genetics directory under the filename  It is also available for download from the America Online
software archive (search under DNA).  For more information contact:

Jason H. Moore
jhm at
jasonUMICH at


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