Multiple Alignment Software preferences?

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Thu Jun 23 10:37:00 EST 1994

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>>Subject: Re: Multiple Alignment Software preferences?
>>Summary: Has Multalin gone commercial??
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>I have had several very kind replies to my query. The concesus of opinion 
>rests with GDE from Harvard (a UNIX package, unfortunately),  MACAW from 
> for Widows and AeqApp for the Mac (use gopher). Also 
>mentioned were ClustalV and DCSE  (from I have been playing 
>with MACAW and have found it easy to use.

MACAW is also available for the Mac, it has the same appearance
as the Windows version 
and works well, in my experience.  It does have some minor bugs
but I have been able to work around them and I would recommend it to
anyone who wants to stick with their Mac.  In any case, they issue
new versions at a rapid pace and the bugs I encountered may be
fixed by now.

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