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Stefan Engstrom stefan at ra.UCSC.EDU
Fri Mar 4 22:08:43 EST 1994

Dollinger Juergen (S_DOLLINGE at wrote:
> mbkxb at writes:

> > Does anybody know of a program to convert a postscript file into a graphical
> > format file of some kind (TIFF, PICT etc). I'd prefer if it ran on a
> > Mac, but at my current stage of frustration, any platform will do.

> On Unix/X I use xv. Its a fine image viewer and converter for gif, Postscript,
> pbm, bmp, tiff, jpeg and a few other formats.

> You can get it via anonymous ftp from a lot of sites including
>  :  /pub/misc/xv3.00.tar.z

If xv won't do that for you, try ghostscript! It will produce portable
format pixmaps for you.

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