Multiple choice marking software

Dollinger Juergen S_DOLLINGE at
Sun Mar 6 15:19:41 EST 1994

In <2kkugm$nqt at> bssjrb at writes:

> descriminate.  At present we have to edit the data files on the PC, transfer
> them to the mainframe and then use a most unfriendly and inflexible
> program to analyse the data.

What kind of operating system do you use on your PC?
Linux?, OS/2?, Windows NT?
What should the the programm do? More database-like things (sorting etc)
or tabularcalculation? (use dbase or excel on DOS :-( )
Or do you search something specific only solving Your problem?
What kind of program do you use on the mainframe? What kind of mainframe?

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