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Warren Kovach warrenk at
Tue Mar 8 14:37:21 EST 1994

> The new Excel has more statistical functions than I remember SAS or SSPE
> having.  I don't work for Microsoft, nor do I own stock.  I just use
> .
> Leonard N. Bloksberg
> bloksber at
> .

The accuracy of their functions may leave a bit to be desired, though.  
I've just starting using Excel 5 and compared a simple linear regression 
with the results from Systat.  There was a good bit of difference in the 
sums of squares. For instance Excel gave a residual SS of 1501.088 vs 
Systat's 1500.565.  The resulting f-ratio was 364.1975 vs 364.300.  I 
think I would tend to believe Systat's results more :-)

I've only tried it with this one data set so far, so I can't say how much 
of a problem this is.

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