Cameleon: Sequence analysis

L.H. Bell lhb at
Wed Mar 16 10:05:42 EST 1994

In article <1994Mar15.081629.3973 at>, bclong at (Terence) writes:
|> 	Has anyone ever heard of a sequence analysis/alignment software
|> called Cameleon from Oxford Molecular. What platform(s) does it run on?
|> We are looking for powerful protein sequence analysis software. Any
|> idea what this, and possibly other, package can provide?
|> Thanks in advance.
|> Terence.

Another good general analysis package is the gde program (available from in directory /pub/gde). It comes complete with some
sequence analysis functions (e.g., multiple aligning, dot plot, consensus
sequences, database searching, phylip) but the real beauty is that it is very
easy to add other programs

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