Fasta, profile searches using BIOACCELERATOR ?

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Thu Mar 17 14:59:52 EST 1994

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>Subject: Fasta, profile searches using BIOACCELERATOR ?
>Date: 17 Mar 1994 01:00:54 GMT
>Keywords: Fasta search, profile search

>Anyone know anything about

>                           BIOACCELERATOR from Compugen (?)

>        I have heard that there is a dedictated hardware product that can 
>increase the speed of a fasta and/or profile search by interfacing with
>GCG's package, presumably acting like a search engine processor.

>Does anyone know about this product or in fact have one?
>I would be glad to hear more information about it, and in fact have not heard of
>"Compugen"..any one know more about this company?

>Thanks in advance for info.

>Win Hide

Biocclerator is a parallel processor approach to sequence homology

their email address is compugen at

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