scientific graphing software

Stuart Luppescu abasl70 at
Mon Mar 21 01:16:29 EST 1994

In article <2ldg27$anr at> tmalecki at (tinalyn marie malecki) writes:
>I am looking for a software package that has scientific graphing
>capabilities (e.g., varied charts and diagram types with labeling options,
>font variation, size variation, data range varation, etc.). I have looked at 
>Mathematica and it looks promising, yet, being familiar with QuatroPro, 
>Mathematica's graphing capabilities fall far short of those of Quatro Pro's.
If you want publication quality graphs that are not too difficult to
produce, the best is probably S-Plus (email to mktg at, but
the graphs produced by Sygraph (the graphing module in Systat) are not
shabby, either.

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