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Mon Mar 28 01:48:34 EST 1994

In a previous article, gardner at (Kevin Gardner) wrote:
>A couple of questions to those raving about Papyrus:
>	* what platform(s) does this run on?  
>	* any vendor contact info (phone/FAX/email)?
>	* what kind of price range? (I've seen ProCite and EndNote
>	running for ca $150-180; is this comparable?)


Easy...  Papyrus is available for PC and VAX (currently to my knowledge, no 
MACs quite yet - but I could be wrong...)

	Vendor - Try Dave Goldman who wrote it.  Research Softwre Design, 
2718 SW Kelly Street, Suite 181, Prtland, OR 97201.  (503)796-1368. FAX 
(503)241-4260 and internet:rsd at

	Price - that's the best... you're too high, try $99 including s/h.  
The lowest you'll find Endnote plus (at least I did) was Microwherehouse at 
$149.  If you want to import medline, etc, toss in another $100 for EndLink 
- now you've dropped about $245 before importing even one reference from
Medline.  Everything is included in the $99 with Papyrus which supports a
plethora of word processors and can import references from a variety of 
sources.  You can even design your own import format in the event that 
Papyrus's extensive library does not.

Hope this helps,
haviland at

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