Software for sequence alignment?

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Thu Mar 31 09:28:18 EST 1994

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Paul Davis <paul at> wrote:
>I'm posting this on behalf of a friend.
>She is working on the mammalian D-loop of mitochondrial DNA and is looking
>for a program that finds optimal sequence alignment and assigns gaps.

>It would be good if the software also does multiple alignments of both
>closely and distantly related species.

	The "align" program in the FASTA package (available from
"virginia.EDU" in "pub/fasta/fasta17.shar.Z") will produce optimal
global alignment with gaps for DNA and protein sequences. It aligns
only two sequences at once.  The only genuine optimal alignment
program for multiple sequences that I am aware of is "msa" (Lipman,
Altschul, and Kececioglu, (1989) PNAS 86:4412-4415) which is available

Bill Pearson

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