Sean David Moore smoore at
Wed May 18 12:42:39 EST 1994

Okay people, I am in need of help.
 Most of you have been following me as I try to download programs and
unstuff them...
 I got Stuffit Expander from Tokyo, I dfownloaded it...
It has a nice icon with all sorts of arrows...
If I click on the icon, the program seems to activate..I get a file option,,
I can choose files and "expand" them....

Next, I download a program...let's say test.hqx...
The file comes to papa via xmodem...
	it appears in my download dirextory as a "file" with an icon that
looks like a piece of paper with a corner folded down.  It just says "test"
under it.
	If I then go to stuffit expander and choose to expand the file "test"
The drive works for a very short time and nothing at all changes.  If I
pick up the file "test" and drop it into stuffit expander, I get a window
with an option to expand..If I do, nothing at all happens..
the stuffit icon remains hazed, the screen looks exactly the same.

	With a large program, I froze the computer once...

Why is it so damn difficult to download and use net programs?

Foor the last time..please help.

smoore at
baldy at

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