ANNOUNCEMENT : TREECON 3.0 for comfortable phylogeny !

Erich Schwarz schwarze at
Sat May 21 04:29:32 EST 1994

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rensing at (Stefan Rensing) wrote:
> To everyone who is concerned with construction of phylogenetic trees.
> I'm doing this announcement as 'beta-tester' of TREECON.
> TREECON was developed by Yves Van de Peer, University of Antwerp.
> TREECON 3.0 is a program package for the construction of phylogenetic
> trees....
> A disadvantage is that no parsimony or maximum likelihood methods are
                         ^^ ^^^^^^^^^
> to be run with TREECON.

    Boooo! <throws spoiled fruit>          ;^)

--Erich Schwarz

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