Free Protein Visualization Software for SGI or Sun?

Steven Brenner seb1005 at
Wed May 25 20:49:06 EST 1994

One program you may wish to have a look at is RasMol, which I think
runs on both Suns and SGIs (and other platforms too) using either 8-
or 24-bit color.  It is not terribly flexible, but seems to be
improved on a regular basis, and is very fast even over a remote X
connection.  In addition to a very easy to use graphical-button
interface, it has a more powerful command line control as well.

RasMol is available from in the directory
/export/rasmol.  In addition, I have put the HTML documentation (which
comes with the software) on

Sam Barnett <salbarne at> writes:

>I am looking for a public domain program for displaying protein
>structures on either an SGI or Sun workstation.  Any help would be
>greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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