ANNOUNCE: Refs 7.5 reference management software

Tim Cutts tjrc1 at
Wed Nov 2 05:25:22 EST 1994

Are you tired of waiting for EndNote for Windows to appear?  Do you
want to get your references sorted out with the minimum of hassle, and

Do you want a flexible, easy-to-use Windows program?

Do you want to be able to import your on-line literature searches
straight into your reference database, from formats such as MedLine,
Current Contents, Chemical Abstracts and ISI?

Do you want to be able to compile bibliographies from multiple source

Do you want full control over how your references are sorted, and
rapid searching?

If you want any of these features, they are all found in the current
version of Refs.


Refs is a small Windows program (it will take up about 200k of your
hard disk), designed to be as flexible and extensible as possible.

It maintains databases in the standard Unix refer format, which means
that its files can be used with a whole host of other reference
management programs, including EndNote for the Macintosh and WinRefer.

It comes with modules for reading Medline, ISI, Chemical Abstracts and
Current Contents file formats, and is supplied with programming
information for writing your own filters.

The older version, 7.42, is also available from the same site as this
one, and comes with a module for operation in German, which 7.5 does
not yet have.

It has a simple Multiple Document Interface, so you can load and
search multiple databases simultaneously, and drag and drop references
from one database to another.

It allows you to format bibliographies in a style you choose, and
this can then be printed out, saved to disk or copied to the
clipboard for pasting into other programs.


A single user licence for Refs is 30 pounds sterling.  There are
discounts for purchases of four or more licences.  More details and an
order form can be found in the help file.


Refs 7.5 is available on both the World Wide Web, and for anonymous



Refs 7.42 is also available from this site, and can also be found on
CICA mirror, under the win3/utils directory.


If you have any queries, please send them to me:

tjrc1 at

Best regards,

Tim Cutts.

194, Vinery Rd, Cambridge, CB1 3DS, UK (+44) 1223 572622

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