Software for comparing sequence homology from GenBank server?

Jonathan Epstein epstein at
Thu Nov 3 09:18:19 EST 1994

Brian Foley (brianf at wrote:
> Jason L. Buberel (jbuberel at wrote:
> : Could someone please let me know if there is a simple (straighforward) way
> : to ask GenBank (or a similar service) to compare sequence homology for me
> : if I give it the names of several related genes (or same gene between
> : different species).  We are trying to find conserved areas among the
> : cytochrome enzyme genes.  We have played with the GenBank web site,

> 	If you have a WWW browser, you should find out more about 
> ENTREZ.  The ENTREZ service is now available on the web:


> 	You have to register your machine (IP address) to get full
> function from Netwrok-ENTREZ or WWW-ENTREZ, but once you do, you
> will have a world of info at your fingertips.

Thanks for pointing out this information, Brian.  I want to clarify,
though, that registration is _not_ required to use WWW-Entrez, although
it is required for Network Entrez.  Information regarding both of these
services, as well as the Entrez CD-ROM is available by following the
"Entrez Browser" hypertext link from the above WWW page.

Information about Network Entrez is also available by viewing the file or by writing to
net-info at

> 	ENTREZ has not only gene and protein sequences, but also a 
> large subset of medline (articles pertaining to genes and proteins
> are there, clinical trials and such are not).  
> 	ENTREZ also has a VERY POWERFUL "neighboring" function.
> NCBI has already compared every sequence to every other one, so if
> you select a gene, protein or medline abstract and click the
> "neighbors" button, ENTREZ will show you the other genes, proteins
> or abstracts that are most similar to the one you selected.

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