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> Is there anybody who has or knows the site to have access to public software
> for Solvent Accessible Surface of Proteins?

   A search of the archives at turned up the following:


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The CCP4 suite (ftp to also has technology for solvent


Subject: Re: Wanted : GRASP - Molecular Surfaces
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> I'm looking for the Molecular Surface Display program GRASP.

  I suggest anonymous ftp to in the directory
/grasp.  However, there is no public domain version of grasp.  There
is a very stunted demo version, which you can use to play around with
a few structures.  Read the README in that directory for more


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Date: 6 Aug 93 01:59:14 GMT

I just came across the following package, that might be of use to all
those interested in Protein and Nucleic Acid structure.


The MSP suite is made up of 8 different programs!

Here is a brief description:

* MSP computes Solvent-accessible surfaces of Protein and Nucleic Acids.

* Different types of surfaces can be generated with MSP:
Polyhedral surfaces made up of triangles, pixel maps of rendered
surfaces, piece-wise quartic molecular surfaces and Dot surfaces.  

* Cavities in Proteins are identified and accurate solvent-accessible
areas and Solvent-excluded volumes are also calculated.

* MSP also provides methods for estimating protein surface curvature and
for plotting surfaces with hidden-line elimination.

A description of MSP appeared in the June issue of J. Mol. Graphics. 
Vol. 11, 139-141 [1993].

MSP is written in C.

Those interested in obtaining MSP should contact the author Dr. Michael
Connolly via email:  connolly at         


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