Scan software for MS windows

Matthias Wjst wjst at
Tue Nov 22 09:34:00 EST 1994

In Article <CzH9wq.A64 at> "payvarf at" says:
> Would appreciate if some one could help us identify an IBM PC software 
> (commercial or otherwise) for quantitation of scanned autorad images. We are 
> aware that NIH distributes related mac software but are there any for IBM 
> PC/windows 3.1?  We also know of at least one program for PC (bandleader) which 
> which generates profiles of scanned bands in a lane but unfortunately does not 
> integrate the peak areas.  Please mail your response directly to 
> payvarf at Thanks for your help.
I have recently seen a WINDOWS 3.1 package, which was announced to this group
by Christopher Blencowe (cbb at
It is probably designed for evaluating the density of microtitre plates
(scanned als .BMP files), however, could also do your job.  Price
around 10US$ for the registered version. 
The actual ftp-site was*
The author is Sven Erik Matzen (sven at
Regards, Matthias

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