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Fri Nov 25 19:33:18 EST 1994

Cornelius Krasel (krasel at wrote:
: payvarf at wrote:
: > > payvarf at wrote:
: > > 
: > > : (commercial or otherwise) for quantitation of scanned 
: > autorad images. We are 
: > > 
: > > If you mean AutoCAD, I might know someone <who works at 
: > Kodak> who can help
: > > you.

: What you are looking for is something like NIH Image, which unfortunately
: is only available for Macs. I don't know of any similar PC package, but
: I guess something must exist for this purpose.

: --Cornelius.

If you are looking for a Windows based program, check out Bandleader.  It 
allows you to do some things like obtain relative densities and scale 
absorbances.  Output in either grid or ascii table form.  I found it in 
the molecular biology directory of  I think.  The author sent 
a message during the summer that he was coming out with an improved 
version soon.  This is the only program that I have been able to find.

Pat Mowers
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