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Sat Oct 1 15:28:17 EST 1994

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>> Technical support by email would be my highest priority.  
>> .........
>> Biolabs has very good email technical support and I think it's in the best > interest of other biotech companies to offer similar services.  
>> Technical notes online would be next in line.  It would allow the
>> researcher to get the information more efficiently and I believe it's also
>> economically beneficial to Promega.
>> -- 
>> Song Tan
>> email:  tan at
> I definitively agree.
> Meanwhile could you provide the Biolabs e-mail address?
> Raffaele Matteoni
> Inst Cell Biology CNR
> Roma I-OO137 Italy
> raffa at

I agree with all of the above!

And here is NEB's email from the back of their catalog:

	info at


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