In Search Of Biology Ed. Software

Dann Sklarew dsklarew at
Mon Oct 17 19:37:39 EST 1994

I am presently compiling a list/library of biology educational software 
which could become part of the science curriculum for the Biology 
Department and the New Gunston Project (form. ZBC) here at George Mason 

If you have any suggestions of relevant software which I should review
(borrow) or purchase, could you please send your list to me at
dsklarew at 

Please mark software which you already possess with an asterick (*). 

Thank you, 
Dann Sklarew

Dann Sklarew				          dsklarew at
Dept. of Biology		                     T: (703) 993-1043
George Mason University			             F: (703) 993-1046
Fairfax, VA 22030-4444

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