Alignment (clustalV)

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>In message <35p8ap$pcn at> "JAMES O. MCINERNEY" writes:
>> message from gilles vachon read..........
>> >Hi all,
>> >I recently had to align several sequences (DNA or proteins) and found out
>> >that it was not that easy and that we did not have a sofware to do so (on
>> >Macintosh).
>> My favourite multiple alignment software program is CLUSTALV, written by Des
>> Higgins. It is available from EMBL in heidelberg via email.  I think it is
>> portable to virtually any platform and is quick, irrespective of whether you
>> run
>> it in a Macintosh classic or a mainframe. Send a message to:
>> netserv at
>> with the word "help" in the body of the message.
>> Follow the instructions and good luck.
>Does CLUSTALV actually do aligning, or does it just set the sequences up so you 
>can do the alignment yourself?

It does the alignment, Bob


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