MacLigand update?

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Tue Aug 1 05:21:21 EST 1995

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> Hi all,
> I'm looking for an updated version of MacLigand 1.02 (circa 1990) -- which
> is the only version that I'm able to find on the net. It crashs under
> System 7.1.
> The alternative is another program that can do binding studies (in the
> same manner as MacLigand) -- does one exist and if so could some kind
> person point me in the right direction?
> Many thanks
> George
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> George Grossman                        E-Mail: G.Grossman at unsw.EDU.AU
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> The University of New South Wales
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> Australia

To obtain MacLigand write to:

Peter J. Munson
Bldg 12A, Room 2007
Div. of Computer Res. and Tech.
Bethesda, MD 20892

He will send you a manual with a license agreement. When you return the
signed license agreement along with a floppy disk, you will receive the
program. There is no charge for the program. I believe the latest version
is 4.95 (at least that's the latest version I have). It runs fine under
system 7.

Hope this helps.

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