SigmaPlot and other graphing packages

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Wed Aug 2 08:07:00 EST 1995

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> Also, on a related note. I will soon have to evaluate a number of graphing
> and drawing packages on Macs and PCs (and possibly OSF1 and Sun Solaris).
> What do you use and is it any good?

Most Mac users in science use either Kaleidagraph or Igor.  
I personally only use Kaleidagraph, and have found it to
be fantastic for scientific graphics and curve fitting.
There are also various libraries available for Kaleidagraph
to allow data manipulation (e.g., Fourier Transforms)
within the application.  The output is journal quality,
and their (Synergy Software) tech support monitors 
comp.sys.mac.scitech in case you encounter problems.
And, it's relatively inexpensive.

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