MacLigand update?

Bernard Lassegue medbpl at
Wed Aug 2 13:13:21 EST 1995

     There is a program available on the internet called MacLigand that
is extremely old and practically unusable. This program should not be
confused with LIGAND for the Mac that is unfortunately not availble
on-line, but can be obtained for free from the NIH.
    The LIGAND program for Macintosh does work, it is free (thanks, Dr.
Munson!), but the latest version I saw (4.96, May 1994) was rather
unfriendly and cumbersome to use for people used to 'true' Mac
applications. Does anyone know what the current version number is ?
     It would be extremely helpful if the program was significantly
updated and widely distributed, so we would not have to bother Dr. Munson
everytime we want to know what the current version number is or to
request an update. Surely I cannot be the only one who would be willing
to BUY an updated version.
     Does anyone know of another software program available for the Mac
that will do saturation and displacement curves, non-linear regression
fitting, multiple sites, etc...?  A good macro written for excel or
kaleidagraph (or any other package) would be adequate. Surely someone
must have written one.
     What happened to the Mac version of the Lundon package that has been
under development for at least three years ?  I called Lundon and faxed
them several times a couple of months ago, but never got any reply !

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