SigmaPlot and other graphing packages

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>Can someone give me a contact for the publishers of SigmaPlot. I'd like 
>get hold of a demo if one exists.
>Also, on a related note. I will soon have to evaluate a number of 
>and drawing packages on Macs and PCs (and possibly OSF1 and Sun 
>What do you use and is it any good?
>Thanks in advance to all and sundry.
>Andy Law
>( Andy.Law @ )
>( Big Nose in Edinburgh )


Jandel Scientific, the publisher of SigmaPlot has a www homepage
(, IP is They do offer demo versions
of their software.

We are using SigmaPlot (DOS and Windows) for several years now and
are very satisfied with it, especially with the current SP for 
Windows (2.01).
The only other Windows software comparable to SP is Origin from
Microcal, US, now Version 3.5.

Hope this helps


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