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chips chips at ocala.com
Wed Aug 2 19:39:16 EST 1995

chend at ucs.orst.edu (Don Chen) wrote:

>This may not be the best place to ask, so tell me if this is the case.
>I would like to know from others which Windows-Winsock e-mail software
>is available as either freeware or shareware.  My present reader is
>Eudora, but I have problems enough with that I would like to view
>others before spending any money or more time.  If the software is not
>crippled, as is this Eudora demo, I would greatly appreciate it.

>I would like to see some mail readers that have the functionality of
>the new newsreader I recently downloaded, Forte's Free Agent.  It is
>as good of a newsreader as I have used and rationally organized.  One
>feature which I wish my mail reader had is the ability to retrieve
>*again* a piece of mail (article in news) which has been cut off
>because the server decides to drop the connection.  As it stands now,
>if it is dropped, I need to use my standard unix-type access to read
>the mail.

>Thanks for any help.


>Disclaimer:  I don't have any connection to either Eudora or Forte and
>the comments are purely my own and do not reflect the opinions of
>anyone else.
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Have you tried Pegasus Mail 2.01?

So far I think It has Eudora  beat,  and the price is right.  Free.


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