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>My boss has recently become the new editor of a journal.
>To manage the lot I could make an application in a DBMS, but we are pressed
>for time.
>Is there anyone who knows of a ready-made application that will help us 
>track of addresses, manuscripts, reviewers, editors, labels and the 
>dates for recalls and reminders ?

Hello Ken,

I do not know what platform you are working on, but I can recommend
FileMaker Pro, which is available for both PC and Macintosh.
You create a record for every manuscript, and define as many fields (= 
variables) as you need, i.e. authors name, title, date of first submission, 
names of referees, their comments, etc. You can export selected variables 
into a "merge" file, and incorporate them into your standard letters in 
Microsoft Word (maybe also other wordprocessors). You can define macros in 
FileMaker Pro to alert you when a review is overdue, etc.
I use it al the time (I am the managing editor of the Journal of Coastal 
Conservation), and it enables me to see in one glance in what "state" a 
manuscript is.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the above software
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