Programs I use and why !

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Sat Aug 5 06:41:14 EST 1995

I am working with electrophysiology and here is the list of my
preferred software. It would be interesting to get a list from
you including reasons for your choices.

Topic   : Dataaquisition
Product : Spike2 ver 4.53 for DOS and ver. 1.56 for Windows
Manuf   : Cambridge Electronic Design (England)
Comment : Their is many reasons to use it, but the major is
          that it is very easy to use and implement in your setup.

Topic   : Graphs containing many data (>20000 datapoint)
Product : Stanford Graphics ver 3.0 (Windows)
Comment : This programs has an huge number of rows and coulums.
          It has a very good import facility for several filetypes
          ASCII, EXCEL (up to ver. 4.0)  etc and it always find a method to import  
          the file even if you specified the wrong type.
          Has very good 3D plots and it is easy to save templates ("gallary files").
          Complete control over all parts in the graph (very important)'
Missing : A feature for making dimension lines like Designer ver. 4.1 TE.
          A really good curvefitter, which can be setup manually.

Topic   : Graphs containing few data
Product : Sigmaplot for Windows ver 1.0 (I heard there is a version 2.0 know)
Manuf   : Jandel Scientific
Comment : Really good curvefitter and very good control over different parts
          of the graph. 
Missing : No OLE facilities. When trying to copy/paste, the program will copy
          the whole page as a bitmap, and you will not get the option to paste
          as a picture in your other windows programs.

Topic   : Drawings 
Product : Designer ver . 4.1 TE
Manuf   : Micrograpx
Comment : Very easy to use (much better than Corel Draw)
          You can add the tools you need to the side which is very useful
          Very good dimension tool. I use this to label my Stanford Graphics 
          objects embedded in Designer.
          Really good line facilities for shaping lines when you draw 
Missing : Powerline feature as in Corel Draw ver. 5.0. This feature is
          excellent when you want to draw a neurone with dendrites and

Topic   : Chemical solutions
Product : Intend (DOS program)
Comment : Perfect I would just like to have a Windows version.
          I use it to calculate the amounts of various chemical needed
          to make my different Krebs solutions.
          Delivered with information about a whole lot of compounds and
          solutions for molecular biology and physiology.

Topic   : Backup 
Product : PCTOOLS ver 9.0 (DOS) and ver. 2.0 (Windows)
Manuf   : Central Point
Comment : I use this program together with my 250 MB tapebackup
          using DC2120 tapes. It is just working perfectly. 
          Both the DOS and Windows program save history files
          that can be used by each other. This is very useful
          because I run my dataaquisition i DOS and therefore
          I do not always want to start Windows if I need to
          do a backup.

Topic   : Wordprocessor
Product : Word ver 6.0
Manuf   : Microsoft
Comment : I use it and I like it. The only reason that I am not using 
          WordPerfect is because of Word's good facility to make tables.
          Good second mouse button facilities.
Missing : Word is really poor to handle figures. I have experienced that
          a picture can escape from its frame, this is stupid and bad
          programming. This would never happen in WordPerfect. 
          The spelling and thesaurus facilities are really poor in
          both of the programs.

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